Grow Your ONLINE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS to $250k in annual personal income
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Don’t Settle

It’s Time to Take Bold Action.

Do you want to have an online lifestyle business that allows you to escape the rat race and live your life without limitations?

There’s no doubt about it.

But just breaking the six figure mark isn’t bold enough.

We want you to think bigger and we want you to take bigger actions, too.

The 250k Society is where men and women who are serious about building a successful online lifestyle business come to take bold action, generate $250k in annual income from an online business, and achieve the ultimate freedom.

Are you ready to commit to your dream?

what’s a lifestyle business?

An Online Lifestyle Business is the New F*ck You Money.

A lifestyle business is a business that serves you just as much as you serve it. It’s big enough to support your needs (and your family’s needs if you have one), but it’s not so big that it creates a ton of stress and risk.

Lifestyle businesses don’t need a lot of startup capital. You can bootstrap them and they don’t require significant overhead. Because of this, there are no investors, shareholders, or bankers to answer to (or landlords in most cases).

When you build your lifestyle business online, you also have the benefit of being schedule independent and location independent.  In other words, you answer to nobody.

This is your opportunity to do something you love while serving people and serving yourself. I’m not talking about serving yourself with money only, either. I’m talking about serving yourself with flexibility, autonomy, balance, and manageable stress levels.

Sound good?


What Would Your Life be Like With $250k in Annual Income From an Online Business?

the status quo

I’m guessing you’re in one of the following situations:

  1. YOU’RE IN A TRADITIONAL JOB and just scraping by (or maybe you’re successful but feeling wholly unfulfilled).
  2. YOU’RE TRYING TO BUILD AN ONLINE BUSINESS but you’re spinning your wheels and burning out.
  3. YOU HAVE A PRETTY SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS but you want to get more from it. You want to set a goal of $250k in annual income and crush it.

If that’s true, and you’re not satisfied, then it’s time for a change. No more mediocrity. No more paycheck to paycheck. No more fear-driven decisions. No more playing small.

This is your one life – you cannot allow yourself to piss it away, constantly putting your passion and your prowess on the back burner.

the opportunity

We’re one of the first generations to have the opportunity to leverage the internet to create a business that’s location independent and schedule independent with nearly limitless income potential. This is something past generations couldn’t even dream of, yet here we are.

That’s your first opportunity.

The 250k Society is full of people who are seizing this amazing opportunity, creating a passion-based business, and winning bigger than ever before.

That’s your second opportunity.

The 250k Society is like nothing else available for online entrepreneurs who are ready to set and crush a specific, bold goal faster and with less failure and frustration.

join the 250k society

“The most gritty, real, actionable, and in-the-trenches membership community for online business owners in existence.”

get access to...

private coaching

group coaching

group masterminding

recorded trainings archive

ongoing live trainings

no-nonsense accountability

strategic partnership opportunities

& more…

the 4 desired traits

Is the 250k Society the Right Step for You?

The 250k Society is not your typical business community and we’re not looking for typical business owners. To be a part of the 250k Society you must have the four desired traits and you must seek to serve others as much as you hope to serve yourself.

250k vision

Everyone in the 250k Society is working toward the same revenue goal. You have to commit to that goal 100% and hold yourself accountable to it.

250k courage

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Building an online lifestyle business requires courage – in many different ways – throughout your journey.

250k persistence

If you’re easily defeated or need to be talked down from the ledge every 30 days, the 250K Society is not right for you at this time.

250k authenticity

To be successful you have to be willing to be brutally honest with yourself and with others and you have to allow others to be brutally honest with you.

meet the Founder

Is the 250k Society Right For You? Let’s Talk…

You’re good Enough

Any Stage of Business (Generating Less Than $250k in Annual Personal Income) is Welcome.

planning & launching

If you have an idea, the 4 traits I outlined earlier, & a willingness to invest in a membership then we’ll show you how to start and grow to $250k. Not sure if your idea is good or not? Click the button bottom right and ask.


established & growing

Have an online business that’s gaining traction and filling you with hope? We’ll show you how to accelerate your success so you can reach the $250k mark faster and with less failure and frustration along the way.


scaling to freedom

Do you have a successful online business but you’re struggling to reach the significance of $250k? Having a hard time scaling your success without scaling your stress levels? The 250k Society will help you rise to the top.

real-world guidance

Finally, a community that actually moves your business forward.

Too many membership communities are focused on training and education. Sure, they slap up a forum, but everyone is too focused on themselves to participate much.

The 250k Society is different. We’re focused first and foremost on solving the real challenges you’re facing with your business and holding you accountable to action through meaningful interactions. The training is there, but the focus is 100% on moving your business forward, not distracting you with “training” that’s overwhelming and irrelevant to your current needs.

Chad L.

I can’t thank Josh enough. He volunteered like an hour of his time with me last month helping me sort out my schedule and priorities. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted…


jenny c.

I’m struggling with understanding where my traffic, leads, and sales are coming from. Can one of you Google Analytics wizards help me interpret my analytics…

RIck D.

I just launched a brand new sales page for my newest product. I’m hoping that everyone can tear it apart and tell me what I’m missing and what I need to improve…


Trish P.

I’m working on segmenting my target market using the “situation” framework. I’ve got 7 buckets but I need to narrow it down to five. Can everyone take a look at these 7 and tell…

Derrick J.

I just broke the $10k/month mark in recurring revenue! Next stop, $15k!

put yourself in the hot seat

the masterminds

This is one of the most powerful parts of 250k. Every member of 250k Society is assigned into a 4-7 person mastermind. This mastermind group meets on a weekly call and follows a 3-part 250k Society format that provides an environment for helping others and getting the deep-dive, no-b.s., personalized guidance you need to move your business forward.

take a peak inside

What Does the 250k Society Look & Feel Like?

The 250k Society is built on one of the most robust and easy-to-use software platforms available and can be accessed on desktop or via our dedicated mobile app.

    When you login, you’ll encounter a feed full of updates, questions, and wins from 250k Society members. You can jump right in by leaving comments or creating posts of your own.
    Aside from the feed you can access your 1-1 coaching area with 250k Society founder Kevin Geary, dive into the archive of premium trainings worth thousands of dollars, or engage in private messaging with other members.
    It’s super easy and feels like one big supportive family.

a better community

what about engagement?

One of the problems with most membership communities is that people rarely log in and participate. The 250k Society solves that problem in three ways…

01. A Dedicated App

Our dedicated app makes logging in and participating easier than ever. No clunky forums, just a beautiful app space that’s easy and feels familiar.

02. Weekly email update

Our weekly email update highlights the most significant posts, questions, and wins from our society members to keep the most important updates in front of you even when you’re busy.

03. mandatory engagement

Part of our member accountability is mandatory daily engagement. You have the choice of how you want to engage, but you must log in each day and add or request value.

what else?

What Kind of Trainings Are Available?

Our zero-fluff premium online trainings and tutorials teach you specific, necessary business lessons and are worth tens of thousands of dollars alone.

target market identification

Learn how to identify a profitable niche that aligns with your passion and proficiency.

segmentation strategy

Learn how to create marketable segments within your niche to simplify and optimize your marketing.

monetization strategy

Learn how to monetize the core segments of your niche with any or all types of monetization strategies.

product creation

Learn the most successful processing for building profitable digital and physical products.

search engine optimization

Learn how to drive tons of targeted leads to your site every month with expert SEO strategies.

Content Marketing

Learn the ins and outs of creating written, video, audio, and graphical content that converts.

traffic generation

Learn how to launch and manage multi-channel traffic campaigns, both free and paid.

sales funnels

Learn how to map out a sales funnel step-by-step for every product you have.

email marketing

Learn how to make at least $1 in revenue per email subscriber per month.

organization & productivity

Learn how map out your day to get the most done while still leaving plenty of balance.

analytics & metrics

Learn how to read your analytics and track your important business metrics.

outreach & networking

Learn how to leverage other people and other audiences to accelerate your business growth.

serious talk

Okay, How Do I Join 250k?

Limited enrollment spots for the 250k Society will be available again soon. To get first dibs, add your information to the waiting list. This list gets notified before any public promotions are released and we often sell out all available spots without any public promotion – if you’re not on the list there’s a good chance you won’t get in.

join the 250k society

Our waiting list gets first dibs at the limited spots that are avaialble each enrollment period. Add your info and keep an eye out for our announcement…

get access to...

private coaching

group coaching

group masterminding

recorded trainings archive

ongoing live trainings

no-nonsense accountability

strategic partnership opportunities

& more…


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a trial?

There are no trial memberships for the 250k Society. In fact, you have to agree to commit to at least 90 days in order to gain access. I’m 1000% confident in the value of the membership and I’m 2000% sure I don’t want to onboard new people, integrate them into a community and a weekly mastermind, and provide immense value only to see them disappear a couple weeks later. If you’re in “trial mode,” you’re not in the right mindset to be successful in a community like this, so press pause and join at a later date.


I'm not techy, can I still build a $250k online business?

Yes. Tech skills have little to do with building a successful online business. In fact, the more tech skills you have the more likely you are to fall into the trap of trying to do too much yourself. We’ll help you sort this out either way and find great success.


what is the minimum I need to be eligible for membership?

First and foremost you need the four traits I talked about earlier: vision, courage, persistence, and authenticity. All you need beyond that is a website (even if it’s a placeholder) and a willingness to invest in yourself and your business. We have many members who started at zero so don’t feel like you’re not far enough along to join us.


If I don't hit $250k, am I a failure?

There is no failure in this game unless you quit. Part of the reason to set bold goals is so that even if you fall short you’ll still be wildly successful by most people’s standards. The 250k Society isn’t about perfection and all-or-nothing thinking, it’s about pursuing a meaningful, bold journey that ultimately frees you from the rat race and allows you to live life without limitations. The minute you’re able to go full time with your online gig is the minute I’d personally consider you to be successful. If that’s not happening, you need to keep pivoting until it does.


Why is it about income and not revenue?

Because revenue without the context of profitability is meaningless. There are businesses that do 10 million dollars a year and the owner isn’t paying herself because there’s no profit. If you borrow $100k and dump it into advertising and simply make that money back, you’ve done $100k in revenue. So what? Revenue doesn’t pay your personal bills, therefore the only thing that matters is how much goes into your personal pocket each month.


how are the masterminds organized?

You will be assigned to a mastermind group that meets weekly. The assignment is based on your business niche and your current revenue and income level. The goal is to place you in a mastermind that’s going to be able to push and pull you but not drown you, and give you the opportunity to contribute as well.


How long will it take me to reach $250k?

Every business is different and there are zero guarantees. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you bridges. All we can promise is that we’re going to work our ass off for you, we’re going to hold you accountable to profitable behavior, and we’re going to help you get back up – or bob and weave – when life throws punches at your face.


I get that you can't make promises, but how long will it be until i see an roi?

Some people sign up and by the end of the first week or two they’ve made a few adjustments and are 5xing or 10xing their membership spend. Others see ROI over a period of months. Honestly, a monkey could use the 250k Society to generate more income than they’re paying for the membership itself. It’s really not a cost and if you think of it as a cost then your assessment skills are off. We’ll even say this: if you decide against membership because of the price then you’re making a piss poor business decision. We only say that because it’s the truth and we care deeply about your success – success you’ll never realize if you don’t change your money mindset.


I don't have a ton of money to invest in my business. Can I still be successful?

Yes. You’ll learn the ins and outs of bootstrapping a business, including how to know when and how to re-invest in your growing business. As far as getting started, you can start an online business for as little as $100.


I'm concerned that I don't have enough free time to work on my business. What should I do?

If you don’t see your situation changing on its own any time soon then you need to step up and change it by taking bold action. Or you need to stop entertaining the idea of building an online business for right now. If you don’t have time and aren’t willing to make time (we’ll show you how, btw), then you’re out of options. There are no magic pills.


What happens after I hit $250k?

This is our favorite part. Your tuition is adjusted to $0, you become an official 250k Society Mentor, and you choose whether you want to ride off into the sunset or keep scaling to 7 or even 8 figures.


How does the application process work?

Once you fill out an application (assuming enrollment is open) it’ll be reviewed within 48 hours at which point you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule an interview call where we’ll talk about your vision, your business (or idea), and your membership. If everything jives you’ll have the opportunity to join the 250k Society on a monthly (90-day minimum) or annual basis. If enrollment is closed, get on the waiting list so you don’t miss out on the next open enrollment period.


is there a refund policy?

We know what we bring to the table. If you don’t *also* know what we bring to the table or you’re not willing to bet on us, then you’re not ready yet. In other words, there are no refunds. You’re going to get astronomical value from the 250k Society. If you’re thinking for one minute that this might not be worth your time and money then you’re not ready for what we provide yet.

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