I made a huge mistake as an entrepreneur for many years. In fact, I’m still making the same mistake today in a lot of ways.

Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve been trying to do everything on my own. I told Ashe, my guest in this discussion, that it’s because I’m good at a lot of things and I work quickly.

That’s true. And it’s also a poor excuse. The reality is that I need to build a powerful team if I want to take things to new heights. And so do you.

Now, you might be thinking, “I can’t afford to build a team yet.” Or maybe you’re thinking, “I’d love to hire someone but I don’t know how to manage them or train them and I don’t know what to delegate.”

Most important of all, you might be thinking, “But Kevin, I thought I was building a lifestyle business to avoid the stress of hiring a bunch of people?”

That’s where things get interesting.¬†Ashe is going to address all these objections and many others in today’s show. Ashe Whitener is the founder of libertyentrepreneurs.com and libertyvas.com.

Ashe and I discuss his path to entrepreneurship, traveling the world as a location-independent lifestyle entrepreneur, and why you can afford (and can’t afford not to) to leverage virtual assistants in your business. Enjoy!

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