I’ve had 10 times as many failures as successes in the online business world, but the successes I’ve had have resulted in a pretty badass six-figure online lifestyle business.

One of the benefits of doing something for so long is that you gain a level of clarity that others don’t have. This is true with anything that takes a lot of time and effort to get good at.

Clarity and experience allow you to accomplish similar or better outcomes in a small fraction of the time it would take someone who is not as experienced.

People who know me, know what I do, and want to do the online business thing often ask me, “Kevin, if you had to start from scratch tomorrow, what would your process look like?”

That’s the question I’m going to answer for you right now.

I’m going to cut out all the fluff and show you how to get from Point A (having nothing) to Point B (having a six-figure online business with blogging as the primary channel for acquiring leads and sales) in the shortest amount of time, with the least risk and the greatest efficiency.

Before we begin, though, you must understand something…

A Blog is Not a Business

I don’t want you to think that your goal is to build a six-figure blog. While that’s possible, it’s impractical and difficult.

If you want a practical, predictable, and repeatable process for making six-figure money with blogging, your blog needs to be a tool your business uses and not the product you’re selling.

Let me explain…

If your blog is your product…

Your blog must be so entertaining and/or informative that massive amounts of people traffic it, allowing you to generate revenue from ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, and so on.

Why that’s a problem…

It’s a high-volume process. It requires a lot of targeted traffic because the income mechanisms are relatively low output with relatively low conversion rates. (I say “relative” in comparison to the strategy I’m going to share with you).

Also, your income doesn’t come directly from a product you control. And if your popularity is based on your individual personality, the business will struggle to grow beyond you because the audience is only attracted to the content you’re personally creating.

Trust me, you’ll be much more successful if you approach this from the mindset of your blog being a tool…

If your blog is a tool you use to build an actual business…

Your blog is one arm of a digital marketing strategy. Maybe it’s the main arm, but it’s not the only arm.

Rather than being the product, your blog is a way to shuttle traffic to your product, your suite of products, or products you’re affiliated with (if you don’t have a product, don’t worry, this article will guide you toward having one).

With this method, your online business looks and acts like a real business (and is far less risky and more secure, in my opinion). It’s not so dependent on other producers and it’s not completely dependent on search engines.

Why that’s better: Instead of high volume targeted traffic, you just need a healthy level of targeted traffic – much more manageable and achievable. You can produce less content and focus more on quality. The outcome is easier to scale and the business will be more stable. Most important, the real-world success rate for this approach is exponentially higher than the “my blog is my business” model.

Are we on the same page?

For me (and many others), blogging has been the main tool I’ve used to make a six-figure online income (after taxes) year after year. And that’s why this article is focused on how to make money with (not from) blogging.

Don’t get me wrong. Even though blogging is only one tool, it’s one of the most powerful tools for making money online. It’s also a tool that can amplify other tools, so it’s a perfect tool to start with.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to it…

How to Make Six-Figure Money With Blogging

This is a 30-step tutorial that most people would charge a lot of money for. All I ask is that you share it and link back to it if you find it valuable.

I’ve stripped out all the fat from this process, but you still need to have patience and you need to be willing to hustle and grind. Nothing happens overnight – this should not be misconstrued as some “get rich quick” guide.

Trust the process and trust that it’s hyper-efficient. There’s no need to try to rush it. If you do rush, you’ll probably ruin your results.

Give each step an appropriate amount of time and attention. Don’t cut corners.

Oh, and have fun!

Clarity & Conviction

If you want to make money blogging, you can’t leave things up to chance. Nothing can be random or arbitrary. Everything must be done for a reason, including the act of choosing a topic. Do not skip this step or you risk wandering into an area where profit is impossible.

I’m a firm believer that every single person on this planet has an interest where passion, proficiency, and profit intersect. Your job is to get extremely clear on what that intersection is, because that intersection is exactly where you will build your blog and online business.

  1. Choose a Profitable, Medium-Tail Niche
  2. Interview Your Target Market
  3. Market Infiltration & Influencer Espionage
  4. Brand Like a Boss
  5. Lease Your Space

Home Bases & Outposts

You can’t make money blogging without a blog. While you’ve secured the address (domain) and land (hosting) for your blog, there is no physical structure there yet.

It’s time to build and fortify your home base – the main structure of your blog and business.

We’re also going to establish one outpost. An outpost is a structure that exists away from your home base. An outpost (Facebook, for example) is used to funnel resources back to your home base, but it’s not something you own.

  1. Build & Landscape Your Home Base
  2. Secure Your Home Base
  3. Help Google Find Your Home Base
  4. Set Up a Surveillance System
  5. Create Your First Outpost
  6. Create an Email List & This Exact Three-Step Welcome Sequence

Guerilla-Style Blogging Strategies

Most people approach blogging by sitting down and thinking of ideas for articles. They ask themselves questions like, “What does my audience need to know?” and “What do I feel like teaching my audience today?”

I bet if your sweet old grandmother had a blog, she’d do the same thing. Then she’d write an article every so often, publish it to her little site, and ask people for comments at the end.

F*ck all that. If you want to make six-figure money blogging (before you die) you have to be a lot more cunning and savvy than that…

  1. Generate Winning Content Ideas from Your Competition’s Best Performing Articles
  2. Generate Winning Content Ideas from Popular Long-Tail Keywords
  3. Create a Small Militia of Content
  4. Station Half Your Militia at Home Base
  5. Equip Your Militia with Upgrades – High-Percentage Recruitment Tools

Guerilla-Style Traffic & Traction Strategies

Some of the tactics we used in Part 03 are going to eventually pay huge dividends in free, organic traffic to your blog.

That takes time, though. And sitting around waiting for things to fall into your lap isn’t what badass entrepreneurs do.

If you want to eat anytime soon, you need to go kill something and drag it back to your cave…

  1. Deploy Your Remaining Militia Members to Strategic Locations
  2. Give your Deployed Militia Members a Way to Recruit People
  3. Spread Your Propaganda on the Airwaves
  4. Keep Your Tribe/Audience Engaged as it Grows

The Product-Market-Fit Formula

This is the part where so many people screw the pooch. They dream up a product idea, build their product, and launch it to their audience.

95% of people who do that fail miserably.

Nothing we’ve done up to this point has been guesswork. That’s why you’re successful. To start guessing now would be undeniably foolish.

And why bet all your chips on a theory when there is a practical, proven, and predictable process for finding product-market-fit?

  1. Painkillers, Antibiotics, Vitamins, and Candy – Understanding the Four Product Types
  2. Generate 3 Long-Tail Product Ideas From the Responses to Your Welcome Sequence
  3. Get Your Audience to Tell You Exactly What They’ll Buy From You

Paid to Play

Most people think this is the part where you have to scrape together lots of money to create the product your audience voted for.

Nope. Nope. And more nope. Votes are valued at $0. Before you build anything, your audience must vote with their wallets.

Not only does this officially validate the product idea, it gives you all the funding you need to build the product. You essentially get paid to play.

  1. Get Your Audience to Pay You to Build Them Your Product
  2. Create an MVP
  3. Iterate, Pivot, and Improve Your MVP
  4. Implement Value-Based Pricing & Product Packages
  5. Officially Launch Your Product & Scale Your Online Business

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