In this rapid-fire website critique, I take on

You may feel like this critique is rather brutal, but the honesty is 100% necessary for growth and focus. At the present moment, the site is only getting around 250 visitors a month. And while the owner has clients, she’s getting them all through social media.

In order to start making her website work for her and eventually get to six-figures, a lot of adjustments need to be made.

If I had to narrow this critique down into one major takeaway, it would be this: find your lane and stay in it. That’s when you can push the pedal to the floor.

A lot of owners, The Juggling VA included, are careening all over the highway. You’re smashing into guardrails, other cars, and innocent pedestrians.

Stop the madness!

Find your focus, get in your lane, and max out the speedometer.

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