SEO (search engine optimization) is a huge industry.

If your site ranks well, you can get tens or even hundreds of thousands of qualified leads dumped into your lap with ZERO advertising dollars.

But most people don’t know what SEO entails. They just know they want free traffic.

So, they hire an “SEO expert” to “work their magic” in the hopes that they’ll be showered with traffic and sales.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: the people working in SEO who actually know what they’re doing is a very small percentage of the total.

But even if you find a good SEO person, here’s the first dirty little secret they won’t tell you…

There is no way to guarantee strong rankings for any keyword.

Yes, even keywords that have relatively low competition.

See, the Google algorithm is not public. So being an expert in SEO means being an expert in a theory that’s based simply on lots of trial and error combined with little breadcrumb clues given by Google.

That’s not to say that investing heavily (either time or money) in SEO is not a good strategy. It absolutely is.

You just have to understand that SEO is a game of percentages. It’s not like hiring a contractor to build a house.

A good contractor will end up with the house you want 100% of the time if they follow the blueprint.

A good SEO expert might get 1 out of 10 articles to rank well by following the blueprint.

But, compare that to the alternative…

A person who knows nothing about SEO might have to write 50 or 100 articles before Google actually picks something up and cares about it enough to put it on page one.

And their site might have to exist for 5x or 10x as long before Google decides to rank it better.

That brings us to the second dirty little secret…

Hiring an SEO expert only makes sense if you don’t have *time* to do SEO yourself.

This isn’t a talent/technical ability/skill/knowledge issue. It’s only a time issue.

Why? Because you can learn how to do almost everything that SEO experts do in a very short amount of time and get great results.

I’ve done this myself with multiple sites. In fact, I took one site from scratch (zero traffic) to 200,000 visitors a month, in less than two years.

At one point, I had a single article pulling in close to 1000 visitors a day and sustained that for over three years.

By slapping a “content upgrade” on that article, I was able to convert 4.5% of that traffic to my email list – 45 new subscribers per day (1350 per month).

Since a good email list can generate $1 or more per email subscriber, I’m sure you can see how there’s a direct payoff there.

That site was generating six figures in less than 18 months.

So here’s the deal…

I don’t want you to spend thousands of dollars on an SEO expert to try and get your site ranked. That doesn’t make sense unless your business is killing it and you simply don’t have the time to spend doing it yourself.

I also don’t want you to waste a boatload of time and energy on efforts that don’t actually generate targeted traffic to your site (which is also a waste of money because you’re not bringing in as much revenue as you could be bringing in during this time).

If you want to get ranked on Google and want to drive thousands of targeted, free visitors to your site monthly, weekly, or even daily, then you need to enroll in my Six-Figure SEO Master Class.

I’m holding this class live on February 21st from 1p – 3p Eastern – it’s two packed hours of SEO secrets and strategies (plus cheat sheets and checklists).

If you can’t join us live, no worries. Everyone who enrolls will get full access to the recording, the slides, and the cheatsheets and checklists.

By the end of this master class, you will know everything you need to know about doing SEO for your site and you’ll never have to worry about paying an SEO “expert” thousands of dollars to play “guess and check” over the course of weeks and months.

Oh, and yes, you can do everything I’m going to show you even if you’re not techy.

SEO is one of the KEY COMPONENTS to hitting the traffic levels you’ll need to get to six figures.

This is two hours that will completely change your business’ growth trajectory.

Click here to enroll.

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