Want more traffic, leads, & sales from your website?

An expert website critique can fix your traffic and lead “leaks” and improve your site’s profitability practically overnight. 

What would happen to your business…

…if your website attracted 10x your current traffic levels, organically? And what if it converted a higher percentage of that traffic to leads and sales?

The reason most websites are performing so poorly relative to their potential is that they aren’t built for traffic and conversion. They’re built to be an online brochure – to look pretty and serve as a “web presence.”

Either that or whoever built your site (maybe it was you?) made some unfortunate errors that are undermining its ability to drive traffic and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

This is common. Building a high-converting website doesn’t happen by accident or chance – learning how to earn tons of traffic and convert that traffic into buyers takes years of experience and real-world practice.

That’s why serious solopreneurs and small businesses hire me to do an expert website critique. And not just once, but over and over again as the changes they make with each critique drive their ROI higher and higher.

My 15+ years of experience building and marketing online properties directly translates to money in your bank account.

The process is simple…

I do a full-scope website critique (recorded in HD) that showers you with valuable feedback and insight and I give you a checklist of items to take action on that most businesses use to get a 10x minimum ROI from.

It’s not a long process either. The results you get from taking action on my website critique can start generating additional leads and sales for you in a matter of days in many cases.

Who will do my website critique?

Hi, I’m Kevin, founder of Six-Figure Grind and host of the popular Six-Figure Grind Podcast.

I’ll be personally doing your website critique (not handing it off to anyone on my team).

I have over 15 years of online business and marketing experience and have founded multiple successful online brands, all built from scratch.

Businesses hire me to critique and audit their website because of my extensive expertise in key areas such as SEO, conversion optimization, and content marketing and because my critiques are highly in-depth while being both practical and actionable.

If you like advice that’s direct and to the point with absolutely zero fluff, you’ll love my style.

"When it comes to critiquing websites for traffic and conversion, Kevin is the only person I'd ever listen to and take advice from."

– Nathan Fraser | Copy & Funnels

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How a Website Critique Can Help You (The Specifics)

A proper website critique isn’t a beauty pageant. My expert analysis is all about one thing – growing your bottom line.

How can a website critique increase my traffic?

First, I look at everything that’s happening *on* your website that has the potential to pull in traffic or repel traffic. For example, a lot of businesses are using content marketing and SEO to try and drive traffic and most are doing it all wrong. After a website critique, they make the adjustments to their strategy and 2x-10x their traffic over the coming months.

I also look at what you’re doing *off site* to drive traffic. There’s often a lot of holes in off-site strategies that can be fixed to bring quick wins to a site’s traffic metrics.

Most importantly, I look at the quality of traffic because traffic for the sake of traffic is useless. My traffic analysis makes sure that the traffic you’re getting is the right kind of traffic for your business.

How can a website critique increase my leads?

Once your site is getting decent traffic, it’s all about converting that traffic into leads. This is where an expert website critique can produce dramatic results very quickly because most business websites have severe “lead leakage.”

There are three basic things cause lead leakage: doing things that repel leads; doing things that confuse leads; and not doing what’s needed to capture leads in the first place.

My critique looks at all three areas and results in actionable feedback that you can implement quickly to see an instant boost in leads. It doesn’t matter whether you’re converting those leads to an email list, a scheduling system, a contact form, or a phone call – I’ll make sure your sales pipeline gets fed.

How can a website critique increase my sales?

Assuming your sales process is effective, once we start dumping a lot more leads into that sales process, you’re going to land more clients or buyers. That’s one way, but it’s not the only way.

Beyond getting you more leads, I’m going to look at how those leads are being nurtured and converted into clients. While you might think that’s beyond the scope of a website critique, it’s really not. Too often, marketing and sales are not on the same page and this creates a deadly disconnect for the prospect.

For your website to do its job, it has to be an integrated part of an overall process. Your website can make your sales process more effective or it can cripple it.

By assessing the entire funnel, I can make sure your website is pre-selling your traffic the right way so that they convert faster and with less friction and effort.

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What Does Each Feature Mean?

What's an "on-site traffic" audit?

This audit looks at the tactics you’re using on your website that have the potential to either grow your traffic or suppress your traffic. I look for both problems and opportunities to grow your traffic.

What's an "off-site traffic" audit?

An off-site traffic audit looks at the tactics you’re using off your site, such as on social media and other channels, to look for opportunities to grow your traffic with the right type of visitors.

What's an "SEO" audit?

My SEO audit looks at all the on-site factors that contribute to Google ranking you as well as how your content is structured, what you’re currently ranking for, and what needs to happen to improve your rankings.

What's a "visitor flow" audit?

I assess the paths a visitor takes through your website to audit the user experience. My report details areas that might create disconnects or confusion for visitors as well as changes that can make a good user experience even better and result in a better conversion rate.

What's a "copy and CTA" audit?

This audit assesses the quality and effectiveness of your website copy (text) and your calls to action (what you want the visitor to do). The goal is to fix conversion leaks, minimize confusion, and suggest optimizations to improve the overall conversion rate.

What's a "funnel" audit?

In order to make sure your website is doing it’s job, I’ll look at your entire funnel from top to bottom so I can understand what needs to happen and how your website might be helping or hurting the entire funnel – this is imperative if you want to increase your bottom line.

"Kevin's advice blew me away. The sheer amount of value and insight he provides in his critique is pretty incredible – and it's all practical, actionable, and effective."

– Steve | Troutman Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my audit?

Single audits have a 3-5 day turnaround, which also depends on how responsive you are with answering my questions and providing certain data. Turnaround for a full audit is 7 days.

What's the "Key Changes Checklist?"

Watching a video recording is a great way to digest all the value I’m going to give you, but it’s *not* a good a way to go back and find specific pieces of advice so that you can make the right changes and adjustments.

For this reason, I provide a bulleted list of all the changes I recommend. All you have to do is refer to your checklist when you want to make the necessary changes.

What if I don't like my audit? Is there a refund.

I’ve been doing this a long time and have a ton of experience. I know my audits are full of sound advice and extremely valuable to you from an ROI perspective. For this reason, and the fact that I put a lot of time and expertise into them, I don’t offer refunds on my audits. 

What's a video breakdown?

The video breakdown I deliver is a detailed screencast of me critiquing each specific aspect of your site and providing an explanation of what needs to change and why. Seeing my critique and suggestions visually like this will help you understand the suggestions and remove any guesswork or confusion.

What's a video breakdown?

The video breakdown I deliver is a detailed screencast of me critiquing each specific aspect of your site and providing an explanation of what needs to change and why. Seeing my critique and suggestions visually like this will help you understand the suggestions and remove any guesswork or confusion.

What if I can't make the changes you suggest because I'm not technical enough?

If you can’t make specific changes yourself and you don’t have a developer or team to make them, my team can step in and make the changes for you at a very competitive rate. Keep i mind that the suggestions I make don’t typically require super technical changes, but we understand that everyone is in a different place when it comes to tech. We’re happy to help and support you in any way.

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