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The Three Stages of Online Business.

What’s up, Grinder!

There are three main stages of online business and I use these stages to group people at Six-Figure Grind.

Since a lot of people feel overwhelmed by figuring out what to focus on, it can be helpful to identify the stage you’re in.

This also tends to dictate what you need to learn and execute on, so knowing what stage you’re in helps you access the appropriate list of action items needed to take your business to the next level.

Below is a quick breakdown of each stage, described by statements from people within that group. Read the statements, decide which group aligns with you best, and click the link to access our blueprints for that stage.

This is a relatively new thing I’m building out for my audience. Consider it to be a living, breathing, and growing section of the site.

Group #1: Launchers

  • “I’m still trying to pin down my idea and my target market.”
  • “I have my idea and my target market, but I haven’t established anything online yet (website/email list/etc.).”
  • “I’m established online but nobody really knows about my thing yet.”

Group #2: Monetizers

  • “I’m starting to get traction and build an audience, but I’m not really making any money online yet.”
  • “I’m already monetizing with products, services, or affiliate marketing (advertising revenue doesn’t count), but it’s not enough to support me/my family.”

Group #3: Scalers

  • “I have an online business that supports me, but I want to take things to the next level (scale revenue and profit).”
  • “I have an online business that supports me, but I want to take things to the next level (scale freedom and independence).”
  • “I’m frustrated with my business’ performance. I feel like my business should be growing, but growth is flat or very slow.”
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